Onsite Activities

New Demo Zone

FREE try-outs on the technologies and solutions. Expect 8 – 10 demonstrations throughout the 2 days. The Demo Zone allows you to try out the latest innovations and systems for the fulfilment industry including: Forklifts, Robots, Personal Mobility Devices, Electric vehicles.

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Free eCommerce Seminars

Specially catered for Small-Media-size Enterprises

The brands and retailers have spoken and we’ve heard you! Expect an exciting new segment from Last Mile Fulfilment Asia as we launch a new on-floor eCommerce seminar for SME retailers and brands to cater to your needs. As online retailing becomes quintessential to every retailing business, it is not enough to just be online, but to pick up strategies to stand out from the crowded marketplace. Keep yourself abreast of the latest strategies and tools in selling, marketing and fulfilling your products to the end user.

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Seminar Programme

30 minutes per session

Co-organised by:  


eCommerce Seminar

Day 1

15 March 2018, Thursday

eCommerce Seminar

Day 2

16 March 2018, Friday

11.00 AM

Curating Your Brand and Products Around Today’s Millennial and Gen-Z Consumers

  • Tailoring your brand identity and product mix to distinguish your platform from your competition, while gaining a strong foothold with your target market
  • Creating ‘Instagram-worthy’ content to appeal to today’s digital-native consumers
  • Adding digital value to your retail partners’ products catering to discerning e-consumers

Michael Ryan Chan, Chief Content Officer, ShopJJ

11.30 AM   

Content-Led Marketing for Improved Reach, Engagement and ROI

  • How to create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and expand your customer base
  • Defining your post frequency, scheduling, image size, and content syndication
  • Identifying tools to simplify, scale and manage content creation and marketing

David Lee, Digital Commerce Senior Consultant and Lecturer, SIRS

12.00 PM  

Making Social Work for You: Leveraging on Social Media Marketing Tools

  • Identifying which platforms and contents work for your business
  • Effective ways to market to your target audience via social media platforms
  • How to measure your social media advertising ROI and boost post effectiveness

David Lee, Digital Commerce Senior Consultant and Lecturer, SIRS

12.30 PM  

Networking Lunch

1.30 PM

Leveraging Brick-and-Mortar Stores to Augment Your Online Merchandise Inventory

  • Creating a mutually beneficial relationship between online and brick-and-mortar businesses
  • Curating your inventory and supply chain to expand and optimise your online product offering
  • Roserb’s recipe for online success: product quality, customer service and digital innovation

Maria T. Theng, Head of Business Development, Roserb

[Session 1] 

2.00 PM - 3.30 PM

The Future of Blockchain Applications for Digitalised Logistics

  • Irrefutability of proof of delivery, from shipper to consignee to retailer to transporters
  • Smart Contracts: Automating responses or internal actions once certain milestones are reached
  • Micro-rewards to encourage driver compliance

Max Ward, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, OpenPort


[Session 2] 

3.30 PM - 5.00 PM 

 11.00 AM    

Digital Commerce 101: A Holistic View of the Operational and Customer Aspects of an Online Retail Business

  • The start-up process of an online store, including key components, performance indicators, and business roles and responsibilities
  • What are the various e-marketplace platforms and business models, and which is most suited to your digital commerce needs
  • Understanding the online customer buying process, communication with customers, and basic seller’s responsibilities

Ricky Law, Associate Trainer, SIRS

 11.30 AM

From Online-to-Offline and Vice-Versa: Finding Success in O2O

  • Omni-Commerce Organisation Re-Design: how to move from Omni-channel to Omni-commerce
  • Creating a seamless customer experience throughout the purchase funnel between both offline and online channels and touchpoints
  • Integrating your in-store inventory and logistics for seamless inventory visibility, mobile wallet enablement and enhanced cyber-security

Kelvin Tan, Associate Trainer, SIRS

12.00 PM

Enhancing Your Search Engine Arsenal: Mastering SEO and SEM for Online Search Visibility

  • SEO as a Channel: understanding the necessary aspects of optimisation, backlinking strategy, and working with SEO providers
  • Structuring web communications for digital content that will stand out in a crowded e-marketplace
  • Formulating your digital campaign strategy with measurable outcomes

Jayden Ooi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 33 Digital Group

12.30 PM

Networking Lunch

1.30 PM

Improving Your Customers’ ‘Unboxing Experience’

  • Perfecting the in-the-box presentation by eliminating clutter while ensuring maximum product cushioning and protection to enhance your customer’s unboxing experience
  • Ensuring damage reduction, cost efficiency and speed while going with a sustainable, environment-friendly solution

Peter Forsyth, General Sales Manager, Australasia , Ranpak

2.00 PM

Charting Your Journey Towards Retail Analytics

  • Getting ready for your analytics journey: understanding the different e-commerce data sets
  • How are you capturing and managing your data, and what do you intend to get out of it?
  • What you need in order for analytics to integrate into your business

Quek Wei Ling, General Manager – Online, Beautiful.me

2.30 PM

Reinventing Informal Retail: Creating a Mutually Beneficial Ecosystem for Manufacturers and the Informal Market

  • Revolutionising informal retail – enabling easier access and interaction between manufacturers and offline micro-businesses and increase availability of everyday products to e-commerce
  • Online tools that offline retailers can leverage to improve their supply chain, inventory management, and business operations
  • How analytics and BI can be utilised to enable other value-added services

Daniel Yu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sokowatch (Nairobi, Kenya)