Director, Southeast Asia

Yan Ng is the director of the South East Asia division of TokiChoi, leading the team to expand exponentially across the region.

After spending 8 years in the retail and ecommerce space, Yan is a veteran in the fashion industry. Starting from the ground up where she interacted with real customers daily, to working the backbone of brands as an operations manager and growing brands as a marketing director, Yan knows the fashion business inside out.

She knows what truly drives conversions, growth and engagement. It’s how you connect with the real customers and how you communicate your understanding back to them. And her connection with both customers and colleagues have made her a go-to person for advice from personal style to love lives. She also enjoys sharing her knowledge, and conducts sewing workshops during her leisure time.

Yan upholds the belief that knowledge is the key to life. She holds a double degree majoring in business marketing and fashion design.