Mekong Fulfilment Consortium

Shanmuga Retnam has had an illustrious career in both the public and private sectors spanning over two decades. A Singaporean with ‘Ceylon Tamil’ roots, he recently served under the Singapore Prime Minister’s Office as Project Director in the Centre of Governance and Leadership. Instrumental in forging numerous Singapore-led joint ventures across Asia, his track record includes joint ventures within the fulfilment and logistics industry in Philippines, Thailand and India among others. Within ASEAN, Retnam or Shan’s initiative includes joint ventures with Philippines largest telecommunication firm PLDT and strategic alliance with Thailand’s largest conglomerate; Siam Cement.

Shanmuga Retnam resides in Vietnam focused on the development of provinces and businesses in the Mekong region. In 2015, he was Strategist to Myanmar`s largest licensed express operator that developed an innovative cross border fulfilment with Thailand and China. To support the development of the East West Economic Corridor, Retnam is leading the development of a consortium spanning Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam to create the reigon`s most efficient overland supply chain, across four countries between the Andaman and South China Seas; It will be the only land route crossing mainland Southeast Asia which involves harmonizing multiple processes.  

Shanmuga Retnam currently serves as Special Advisor (Asia) to Fundacion Metropoli (Madrid), foremost urban think tank in Madrid and Organising Committee for Vietnam City Branding Summit 2018 to be held in Quang Nam Province, Central Vietnam. In January 2018, AiCM announced that Dr Paul Temporal of Oxford University and Shanmuga Retnam will co-author Economic City Branding to redefine the engines of economic growth of emerging provinces and towns in Asia.       

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