Group Head, Transformation & Operations

Satyaki has spent a decade in the APAC region working across sectors and functions. He is passionate about delivering a true Omni-channel experience to consumers, which means focusing on the relatively unglamorous ‘back-end’ operations just as much as you would on the ‘front-end’ physical and online retail interfaces and platforms for consumers.

Satyaki joined Luxasia in August 2016 as the Group Head of Transformation and Operations. Luxasia is a 30 year old leader in the Asian Beauty space which is on a transformation journey to becoming Asia’s Beauty and Luxury Lifestyle Omni leader. He wears 2 hats in the organization – he leads Supply Chain across 11 countries. In addition, he is also tasked with building a true omni-channel platform combining the group’s eCommerce, Retail, Distribution units and integrating them seamlessly with the functional pillars of the group. Prior to Luxasia, Satyaki spent 6 years at McKinsey & Co. and 2 years at Singapore Post Limited leading eCommerce logistics.