Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Maarten Hemmes is the founder and CEO of CarPal, a logistics startup headquartered in Singapore. 

An innovator and entrepreneur at heart, Maarten launched his first startup in legaltech at the tender age of 22. Maarten also has over 10 years of software development experience through his own IT company serving clients in Europe, U.S. and Asia. 

Inspired by the uberization of services and recognising the rising demand in e-commerce and last-mile logistics, Maarten launched CarPal in July 2014. With a vision to build an innovative delivery ecosystem which focuses on tech, Maarten continues to work tirelessly to build a product that enables logistics companies to become more efficient and scale faster. 

By introducing ideas like democratization of fleets and high fulfilment rate through smart algorithms, Maarten’s mission is to build a company which can become the on-demand supply chain infrastructure for every major city in the world. 

Originally from the Netherlands, Maarten has lived and worked in cities across Europe, U.S. and Asia. He holds Master of Laws degree from University of Amsterdam, and speaks fluent Dutch, English, German with working knowledge of Spanish and French.